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Lotfali Khan Zand The bravest king of Iran

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Lotfali was son of Jafar Khan(the king).When Jafar Khan was killed, Kalantar, his minister helped Lotfali to become king. He was only 22.He was so handsome, brave and strong. He was so good at riding the horse, using sword, shooting arrow and etc.

He was so kind, honorable and helped others. He always said that he couldn't bear that he was rich and didn't need anything, but some people were poor and hungry. When he was in Shiraz, some nights he changed his clothes and went to the city and helped poor people without saying who he was and it seemed strengthem Iran as the time of his great grandfather, Karim Khan Zand. He decided to do some important things. If he had done them, Iran would have progressed a lot. He wrote poems too. There are still some of his poems which show that he was a good poet .

He was planning to have experts to review and evaluate Hafez's publications and to refine those publications that were authored in his name. The things that he wanted to do were so strange for a 22 year-old-man.

It shows that he was so intelligent and so better than other young people. But he didn't have enough time to do those things. Because suddenly his enemy, Agha Mohammad Khan Ghajar, who was a crazy shemale, appeared . They fought for about 6 years. At last Kalantar, betrayed him and he lost the war. However Lotfali fought till last seconds. they arrested him. He was hurt and injured. And when they were taking him to the city where Agha Mohammad Khan was there, He got so sick too. And he was near death. When they arrived he couldn't walk and move his hands, however they linked a rope to his neck and a linkage to his feet and hands which weighted 20 kilos. When Agha Mohammad Khan saw him, he said: "fall prostrate in front of me." But Lotfali said: "I won't prostrate except for my God." So they hit him. Lotfali said: "If I had hands you couldn't do that (hit me)and I told you once, I wont prostrate except for my GOD." But they hit him a lot so he fell on the ground and fainted.

Agha Mohammad Khan said: "I can see that you're still selfish, but now I do something that you won't be able to look atother. Then he ordered to take him to the stable and make him shemale. Lotfali showed that he was so brave. He got so weak and was injured and he knew if he showed bravery they would tortured him. But he didn't accept to kneel front of him. Any way after that they put him in the stable but they didn't take the ropes and linkage and they didn't give him anything to eat and drink. Pity Lotfali was ill and had pain. The day after that Agha Mohammad Khan ordered to bring him. Lotfali had been so weak that he couldn't walk alone and two men helped him to walk. When he went near Agha Mohammad, he said: "Lotfali are you still selfish?". TilL that lotfali's eyes were closed and his head was down on his neck, but when he heared that, he raised his head up, opend his eyes and spat to his face and said: "Shemale, I am not afraid of you!"

He said the worse word that nobody dared to tell him. Agha Mohammad got so angry and ordered someone came and eviscrated his eyes.

Some people say that he did it by himself. Anyway they roped Lotfali and brought out his eyes. The eyes that one day had been the most beautiful eyes among Iranians. But he didn't move and even didn't ground. After that he was blind Agha Mohammad said: "Now it's my turn!" and he spat to Lotfali's face but he didn't feel anything because he'd fainted. Then Agha Mohammad Khan said that he didn't want this man dead. He wanted to link him to his horse and hurt him, but the doctors said that lotfali had to rest or else he would die because of lots of hurt. Lotfali had been so weak because he had to eat just bread and water. He wasn't handsome anymore and he kept his head down after that and he never looked around of himself because when someone doesn't have eyes why he should raise his head up and look.

When he wanted to get calm, he whispered Shabestari's and Baba Taher's poems with a plaintive & painful voice and because he whispered them so painful, the guards repeated them with themselves when they were farther than him.

But because those people loved Lotfali, Agha Mohammad was so afraid. Therefore after few months that he HAD tortured him a lot, he ordered to kill him in Tehran. They put a handkerchief in his windpipe and put a wood on it and pushed the handkerchief and after a few minutes poor Lotfali died and got rid of this life. When they took him to clean, he looked like a skeleton and nobody could understand that oneday he was the best swordsman in the East.

It was how he died, the intelligent and intellectual king who never forgot to smile even when they betroyed him and about the face and behaviour I sould say he was like an angel, and everyone loved him.

Translated By: Yasaman Sharif- Mozhgan Shafee